Should I use a mobile App, Mobile Web / HTML5 or Both?


The main problem with mobile apps is that you and your friends don’t always have the same devices or even use the same mobile platforms. That’s a problem for all companies, as it has to support all the major platforms, from Apple iOS to Google Android and beyond – often putting it in the position of benefitting its competitors. But it’s also a big opportunity for companies to shape and dominate a common platform, or at least the top smartphone systems.

Why is it good to get on the Mobile bandwagon?

A social example of this is Facebook which currently has 425 mobile users (compared to 825 million total users), at time of writing.

But those millions are fractured among native mobile app ‘s running on specific mobile platforms and browser-based mobile web apps. Surprisingly, according to a Facebook insider, Facebook’s mobile Web app usage outweighs that on Android and iOS combined.


Mobile Web apps give the company the opportunity to be the glue for that common platform, if it can convince developers to use technologies like HTML5 to create mobile Web apps that tie into social sites for distribution and sharing, instead of relying on native platforms (and their individual app stores and ecosystems).

The problem is that HTML5 still has many weaknesses – no access to the phone’s camera and other hardware, no DRM support, no PUSH notification, streaming and performance issues, and more – compared to native applications.

The best method is to try to combine technologies into a richer experience with many “hybrid” apps combining native and mobile Web functionality.

Some applications engines do provide building block to the main application stores and also provide a HTML5 web app. Although, these engines are a bit few and far between that off all of these functions.



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