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Paul asks…

Educational videos about mobile phone apps?

Hello! I’m working on a project about phone apps but can’t find any video with general info about apps. For instance the impact that apps have on our lives, their popularity, statistics… I’m only finding app review videos. I would REALLY APPRECIATE if someone points me to a good video. I can’t find any..

Neil Farley answers:

I think you should try torrent for it. Just try to search on or any other and you will get torrent about development videos and lots. 😉

Mandy asks…

Where can I find marketing study results?

I have just started programming games for mobile phones (I will probably get into apps too) which I am selling online and I was wondering where I can find sites that publish marketing study results, like survey results and statistics (like on average how many people that download a free demo usually buy the full version).
Any advice or hint is highly appreciated.
Thank you!

Neil Farley answers:

Had a quick look for you and you may find the following helpful…………


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