The marketplace is booming with mobile regional social applications leveraging peer-to-peer location-based innovations. Many of the firms carving out their niche in mobile social have actually absent a transparent earnings design that prolongs beyond the following Twelve Month. Additionally, many of the firms have actually not presented an eyesight of just how their particular items will certainly improve the lives of their customers over the upcoming 5 years.

This report takes care of the leading application designers worldwide and also recent applications making a difference and offers a visionary usage of peer-to-peer mobile location-based solutions.


* Mobile Search, LBS, and Social Networking Companies
* Mobile Application Developers concentrating on Emerging Market Fads
* Location-based Service Application Developers
* LBS Facilities and Software application Business
* Capitalists, Analysts, and Consultants focused on Mobile Search, LBS, and Search


Peer-to-peer Location-based Mobile Services: 2

Community Social Mobile Applications Beyond the Buzz. 2

Intro. 2

1.0 GPS. 5

1.1 Competitive Values for Handheld Terminals. 5

1.2 Emerging International Solutions. 6

2.0 4G. 6

3.0 Hype, Fad, News. 8

4.0 Standpoint. 9

5.0 Amusement Mobile Social Applications – Trick Competitors.


5.1 Google Latitude. 9

5.2 Apple iGroups (functioning name). 10

5.3 Brightkite. 11

5.4 Whrrl 12

5.5 Citysense for BlackBerry (iPhone coming soon). 12

5.6 iPling. 13

5.7 Loopt. 14

5.8 MobiLuck. 14

5.9 Yahoo! Social Rhythm. 14

5.11 Twitter. 15

6.0 Venture Mobile Social Applications. 15

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